Claverdon Cricket Club

G'day - welcome to Melbourne.

After living here for 6-months I have realised that this place is just like Claverdon.
I thought that I'd take the time to show you why:

First of all, take a look at the village centre, Melbourne also has Butchers and Corner Shops (although the ones here are open sometimes). The main differences are that Melbourne has a river running through the middle of it, and slightly more high-rise buildings.

Just like Claverdon, Melbourne has excellent transport links with the rest of the country. Flinders Street Station is a centrepoint of the city.

The Melbourne equivalent of the Village Green, Federation Square has no Chestnut tree, but bars, restaurants, theatres, and a big screen for watching major sporting events.

Just like the residents of Clav, Melbournians love their sport. They queue up in their thousands to watch their heros in action at The Rec (or the 'Melbourne Cricket Ground' as they call it). 'The G' lacks an Oak Tree, but does boast a capacity of 98,000.


But most scary of all, as in Claverdon, the centrepoint of Melbourne, the pinnacle of local entertainment and accomodation is called 'The Crown'. The Crown complex has 482 hotel rooms, the largest Casino in Australia with a gaming floor that stretches for half a kilometre, 10 bars, 24 restaurants and a raft of designer shops. No Brew XI, Mild, or Sizzling Steak though!!!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this comprehensive guide to the City of Melbourne.
Please feel free to drop in if ever you're passing.