Claverdon Cricket Club

 Claverdon Cricket Club: Chairman’s Report, 2014

For the 2014 season we found ourselves in Division 6 of the Cotswold Hills League in spite of having achieved only third place in Division 7 in 2013.  The reason for our unexpected promotion was that Dorridge and Hockley Heath, whose second XI had come second, fielded only one team in 2014, in a higher division.  Bearing that fortunate stroke of luck in mind, our team’s performance in 2014 is all the more impressive in becoming Division 6 champions by a mile—54 points to be exact.  And we were 62 points ahead of Stockton, who had beaten us by 9 in Division 7 in 2013.  As a matter of fact we lost only one of our sixteen matches, that being what turned out to be the last game when opponents failed to field a team the following weekend. That game was against Stockton no less, and we were a man short.  In any case, by that time our winning position was already secure.  Much credit for this remarkable achievement must go to captain Vince Hammond and also to vice-captain Tony Andrews, who skippered the side on several occasions when Vince was unavailable.  Special congratulations, too, to Arthur Payne and Joe Taylor for winning the Division 6 batting and bowling awards, respectively.

Off the field of play, we must also thank:

  • our treasurer, Richard Beddow, for looking after the money and drawing up the detailed accounts for 2013, a task that for various reasons proved rather more difficult than usual;
  • Matt Parker for once again looking after the pitch;
  • Phil Heath for coaching the under 15’s and Vince Hammond for the under 12’s, though I’m sorry to hear that Phil is unavailable for coaching this year and there won’t be any unless somebody else steps forward to assist Vince;
  • Ann Parker, an honorary life member, for once again helping with stocking the pavilion for match days; and
  • all who have supported with funds, including our shirt sponsor Hamlingtons Jewellery, our donors, and all 100 Club entrants.

The Colin Parker Memorial Match took place as usual on August bank holiday Sunday, with a good turnout from players and supporters alike.

Claverdon CC were represented again at the Molly Olly’s Wishes 6-a-side tournament at Warwick School in July.  The club raised £500 as the standard entrance fee.

I finish by announcing that this will be my last chairman’s report.  I became chairman in the late 1980s, having been nominated by Colin Parker shortly before his untimely death while still in his forties.  He is one of several club members that I remember from those times onwards who made contributions compared with which my own seems to me to have been rather modest to say the least.  I’m thinking, for example, of our former president, the late Derek Farr, who kept the club going almost single-handed during a difficult time in the 1970s; former honorary life members Bill Rodgers and Terry Sandy, also no longer with us; Iain Reid who was our secretary when I became chairman and for many years after; and our most recent retiree, newly elected honorary life member Dave Dunnell, who had already been playing for the club for many years when I joined in 1983.  Anyway, the time is long overdue for the chairmanship to be taken on by somebody who is able to take a more active part in the club’s affairs and I’m pleased that the opportunity to hand over has at last arisen—thanks to Vince Hammond for stepping forward.  I’m delighted to be handing over after two of the most successful seasons I can remember and I’m honoured now to have been elected as our new President at this year’s AGM.  What more can I say, other than an all round “keep up the good work!”

Hugh Darwen                                                 April 12th, 2015

Terry Sandy

We are deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of Terry Sandy on August 9th in Pembrokeshire, following a short illness.  Terry was a pillar of our club for the best part of a quarter-century, from the mid-1970s until his departure to Wales in 1999, when he was made an Honorary Life Member in recognition of his outstanding contribution.

Terry joined Claverdon from a Birmingham League club in about 1975.  He was always one of our strongest players, a dogged batsman of fine technique, a steady medium-pace bowler and a tenacious fielder.  Our records show that he was vice-chairman 1983-93, club captain 1986-87 and again in 1995, fixtures secretary 1994-98, and a knowledgeable groundsman from 1983 (possibly earlier) until his departure.  In addition he was at one time a leading light in the coaching of our young players, including the year in which the youth team won the Alpine Soft Drinks league.

Above all, Terry was a really good team-mate, whose popularity and admiration among our members and followers was richly merited.  In 1997 he underwent drastic surgery that resulted in a completely successful recovery from lung cancer.  We remember the courage and equanimity with which he faced this ordeal at the time, making his sudden passing now all the more poignant.  He will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.



Claverdon Cricket Club: Chairman’s Report, 2011

 The 2011 Season

After a reasonable start in the league last year, with three wins out of seven played in the first nine matches, we subsided in the second half of the season with a sequence of six losses followed by four abandoned games.  As result we ended second bottom of the fourth division and so will play in the fifth division this coming season.  Regardless, our thanks once again go to skipper Tony Andrews for his tireless efforts.

In my report last year I mentioned the welcome efforts of Vince Hammond, Phil Heath, and Mark Thomas to bring local young blood into the club, and I looked forward to the youth coaching sessions they would be running on Tuesday evenings.  In the event these were so successful that we were able to put teams together for a few friendly matches against other local clubs.  I am very pleased to report now that we have registered two teams—an under-13’s and an under-12’s—to play in the local district of the Warwickshire Cricket Board’s youth league.  In addition, our under-11’s will continue to play friendlies against similarly aged teams from other local clubs. In connection with youth cricket, we have noted that Claverdon School now have a weekly after-school cricket club for 7- to 11-year-olds.  Although we are not directly involved in this venture, we regard it as complementary to our own efforts and Vince Hammond is in contact with the organisers in case anything of mutual benefit might arise from it.

We are grateful to treasurer Richard Beddow for the care taken in presenting our accounts.  Last year I reported that our financial situation, though sound, was a matter of some concern because expenditure had exceeded income by a significant margin.  We took some action to address this by resurrecting the “100 Club” through the good efforts of Claire and Vince Hammond.  We also managed to obtain a one-off grant of £2500 from Heart of England via Comic Relief, thanks to our renewed efforts to promote youth cricket—this through the good auspices of Mark Thomas.  This grant enabled us to splash out a little on the ground, mower and kit for the juniors, but our regular payments still very slightly exceeded our regular sources of income, so I would ask all members to solicit support for the 100 Club from friends and family as well as making sure they pay their own subscriptions and match fees in timely fashion.

I would like us to recognise the importance of Dave Dunnell’s contribution, over quite a few years now, as our representative to the Cotswold Hills League.  At the AGM there always seem to be some controversial proposals that would only create difficulties for small clubs such as ours.  Dave always does a good job of alerting us to such issues and taking our positions on them to the meeting.

Our pitch has come in for some criticism from the league in the last two years, as result of which we engaged the services of Geoff Calcutt last autumn to do some restoration work on the square.  Also, the portion of the outfield that was taken out of service last season by Severn Trent Water is now available again.  All things considered, we have every reason to look forward to a good season’s cricket in 2011 and to hope for success and enjoyment for Tony and his team.

 Committee for 2011 (appointed at the AGM on 25th March, 2011).

Chairman:                           Hugh Darwen

Secretary:                           Vince Hammond

Treasurer:                           Richard Beddow

Club Captain:                     Tony Andrews

Vice-captain:                     John Green

Chief Groundsman:           Matt Parker

Fixture Secretary:             Tony Andrews

League Delegate:              Dave Dunnell

Website Administrator:    Vince Hammond

Welfare Officer:               Mark Thomas

Youth coaching:                Phil Heath

Ex officio:                         none

Auditors                             Burgis and Bullock (Chartered Accountants)

2010 Prizes

The 2010 prizes were presented at the Awards Evening following the AGM.  The winners were:

Batting:                                  Morton Titterton

Bowling:                                Tony Andrews

Fielding:                                 Mark Robbins

            Young Player of The Year:   Joe Taylor

Clubperson of The Year:      Vince Hammond

Hugh Darwen
25 March, 2011

The Chairman apologises for failing to file annual reports in 2009 and 2010.  Reports from 2008 back to 2005 now follow.

Claverdon Cricket Club: Chairman's Report, 2008

The 2007 Season

2007 was a difficult season for us.  The wettest summer in living memory didn't help, but the weather can't be to blame for the ongoing difficulties we had in getting 22 players on to the field, Saturday after Saturday.  As a result, the first XI went down a division for the second year in succession, and the seconds failed to gain promotion from the bottom division.

Utterly blameless in this state of affairs are our two captains, Andy Chesshire and Tony Andrews, both of whom put in a stupendous effort to keep things going.  Apart from their normal captains' duties, Tony spent an enormous amount of time on the phone to handle the usual exasperating last-minute cryings off and Andy spent much time getting the ground in a fit state for each home game.  Tony was recognised for his efforts by being awarded the Clubperson of The Year Award at the annual dinner.

At our end-of-season meeting, the committee eventually decided, after much discussion, that this year-on-year problem now needed to be confronted head-on.  We recalled the players' meeting Andy had convened back in March, when we were considering whether it would still be possible to put out two teams in the face of several resignations from the club over the winter.  On the basis of several promises of support given at that meeting, we had decided, somewhat nervously, to go ahead with two teams.  In the end those promises counted for little and so the decision was taken, for 2008, to downsize, regroup, and hopefully move forward, with just one team.  The second team that came into existence in 1983, when your chairman joined the club, now ceases to be.

During the discussion at the committee meeting, skipper Tony's was the lone voice in favour of soldiering on with two teams and we understood his disappointment at the final, unanimous decision.  We are most grateful for his offer to give the club captain his full support in running the remaining team.

That we are essentially a happy club was greatly in evidence as usual at the annual Colin Parker Memorial Day at the end of August.  An equally successful occasion was the six-a-side tournament that we held in July to commemorate Bill Rodgers.  It was great to see Bill's old friends¾and ours, of course¾Terry Sandy, Alan Mann, Colin Richards, and Dave Windeatt, back on the field for this competition, which we now plan to make an annual event, hopefully with additional support from Rowington C.C.

Committee for 2008 (appointed at the AGM on 16th March, 2007).

Andy Chesshire, formerly 1st XI captain remains as club captain, with Tony Andrews taking over from Dave Richardson as vice-captain.  Richard Beddow becomes our new treasurer, Geoff Beckett having very reasonably decided to stand down after 20 years in the job, during which time he also did a stint as 2nd XI captain.  Geoff remains on the committee as an ex officio member, in which capacity Damian White makes a welcome return.  We are grateful to Richard for obtaining the services of Burgis and Bullock (Chartered Accountants) to take over the responsibility for auditing the club's accounts

As a result of these changes, the committee for 2008 is as follows:

Chairman:                           Hugh Darwen

Secretary:                           Vince Hammond

Treasurer:                           Richard Beddow

Club Captain:                     Andy Chesshire

Vice-captain:                     Tony Andrews

Chief Groundsman:           Matt Parker

Fixture Secretary:             Richard Taylor

League Delegate:              Dave Dunnell

Website Administrator:    Vince Hammond

Welfare Officer:               Mark Thomas

Social Secretary:               Penny Beddow

Ex officio:                          Geoff Beckett, Claire Hammond, Michael Powell,
Damian White

Auditors                             Burgis and Bullock (Chartered Accountants)


We are grateful again to our chief sponsor, Ardencote Manor and also for contributions from Tunnel Barn Fisheries, our president Irene Young, and Coors Brewery.  Note, however, that we will not be getting sponsorship from the Ardencote again in 2008, because they were upset by the fact that we did not return to their establishment for our annual dinner.  We understand that the Ardencote have decided to sponsor Rowington C.C. instead, perhaps to reward that club for choosing the Ardencote for their dinner.  We are pleased that the Ardencote continue to support village cricket in the area, and we have to say that the money, if it can't be ours, couldn’t have gone to a nicer club!

In Memoriam

On a sad note, during the summer the club lost two people who had each been a lifelong friend and supporter: John Luckett and Sam Reid.  They will both be greatly missed and our sympathies go to their families.  John had been the official auditor of the club's accounts ever since your chairman can remember and probably a lot longer than that.  Sam will be fondly remembered for the friendliness and cheerful disposition with which she graced our pavilion during home games.

Special Mentions

Our biggest expression of appreciation this year goes to Geoff Beckett for his 20 years as the club's treasurer.  Happily, his last annual balance sheet shows that our finances remain in good shape in spite of a very small loss on the year, due mainly to a one-off investment in new sight-screens.

As usual we are grateful to the Wams (that's "Wags And Mums"!) for their support, especially Penny Beddow, our honorary life members Chris Chesshire and Anne Parker, and all those who have done stints as tea-lady.

Vince Hammond was a conscientious club secretary and Thanks also to Matt Parker for his excellent work as our groundsman, and to Mark Thomas and Richard Taylor for their contributions in their first years as Welfare Officer and Fixtures Secretary, respectively.

Our representation at Cotswold Hills League meetings has become increasingly important in recent years, in view of some of the controversial proposals that other clubs have been submitting.  We are grateful to Dave Dunnell for continuing to undertake this responsibility, and for the care he always takes over it.

2007 Prizes

The 2007 prizes were presented at the annual dinner at The Tom o' The Wood, Rowington, in September, 2007.  The winners were:

1st team batting:                  Keith Hambleton

1st team bowling:                Andy Chesshire

1st team fielding:                Jay Terblanche

2nd team batting:                Phile Heath

2nd team bowling:              Tony Andrews

2nd team fielding:               Nigel Shield

Young Player of The Year: Jo Taylor

Clubperson of The Year:   Tony Andrews

Hugh Darwen

17 March, 2008


Claverdon Cricket Club: Chairman's Report, 2007

Performance in 2006

In the Cotswold Hills League, Andy Chesshire's 1st XI came 9th in the 1st division and will therefore be playing in the 2nd division for the coming season.  This is probably not a bad thing, because it looks as if we will be fielding a weaker side this year, without Sam Taylor, Arthur Payne or Neal Hall.  The 2nd XI under John Freeman came 6th in the sixth division, improving by two places on their 2005 placing.  What's more, only 25 points separated them from the 3rd placed side, whereas they were 74 points ahead of the team immediately below them.  Our two captains worked together very well and the season saw a significant improvement in movement between the two teams.  Alas John Freeman, who was made Clubperson of The Year for his efforts, is now unavailable for us and so for the third successive year the seconds will be under a new captain..

Committee for 2007 (appointed at the AGM on 25th March 2007).

Tony Andrews takes over from John Freeman as 2nd XI captain and Dave Richardson replaces Dan Haywood as 1st XI vice-captain.  Vince Hammond takes over from Claire as Club Secretary and Richard Taylor takes over Vince's former role as Fixtures Secretary.  Claire remains on the committee as an ex officio member, in which capacity we also welcome Michael (Moley) Powell.

As a result of these changes, the committee for 2007 is as follows:

Chairman:                              Hugh Darwen

Secretary:                              Vince Hammond

Treasurer:                              Geoff Beckett

1st XI Captain:                      Andy Chesshire

1st XI Vice-captain:              Dave Richardson

2nd XI Captain:                     Tony Andrews

2nd XI Vice-captain:             Damian White

Chief Groundsman:                Matt Parker

Fixture Secretary:                  Richard Taylor

League Delegate:                   Dave Dunnell

Website Administrator:          Vince Hammond

Welfare Officer:                     Mark Thomas

Social Secretary:                   Penny Beddow

Ex officio:                            Richard Beddow, Claire Hammond, Michael Powell


We are grateful again to our chief sponsor, Ardencote Manor and also for contributions from Tunnel Barn Fisheries, our president Irene Young, and Coors Brewery.

Special Mentions

Our Tea Team leaders, Chris Chesshire and Ann Parker have had a special mention in my annual report every year since I became chairman (nearly 20 years ago if I remember right).  In 2006 we decided that it was time, now, to recognise this outstanding joint contribution by bestowing on both of them our highest honour.  My announcement of their Honorary Life Membership, at the annual dinner, was received with great approbation.

Claire Hammond has done an excellent job as club secretary for the past three year but now feels she must stand down in view of her increasing family commitments.  She has been ably assisted by husband Vince over the past year and he kindly put himself forward at the AGM as her possible replacement, and was duly elected.

Thanks again to Penny Beddow and Fay Stenning for organising the annual dinner, to Matt Parker for his excellent work as our groundsman, and to our treasurer, Geoff Beckett.

2006 Prizes

The 2006 prizes were presented at the annual dinner at Ardencote Manor in September, 2006.  The winners were:

1st team batting:                       Arthur Payne

1st team bowling:                     Andy Chesshire

1st team fielding:                      Richard Beddow

2nd team batting:                     John Freeman

2nd team bowling:                    John Freeman

2nd team fielding:                     James Pearl

Young Player of The Year:       Will Lawton

Clubperson of The Year:          John Freeman

Hugh Darwen

27 May, 2007

Claverdon Cricket Club: Chairman's Report, 2006

Performance in 2005

In the Cotswold Hills League, the 1st XI came 2nd in the 2nd division, thereby gaining promotion to the first division for the coming season.  Congratulations to skipper Andy Chesshire and his team.  The 2nd XI under Damian White came 8th in the sixth division, retaining their 2004 placing.  We are indebted to both captains for their tireless efforts and excellent collaboration, along with vice-captains Sam Taylor and Matt Smith.  Management of the second eleven, for whom nearly 50 different individuals turned out at some time during the 2005 season, is a perennial challenge that has seen many captains come and go.  Damian has been as hard-working and popular as any of them but feels that he has done his stint and is standing down.  Happily for us, he is willing to remain in an active role to support to the new captain, John Freeman, in 2006.

Committee for 2006 (appointed at the AGM on 19th March 2006).

John Freeman takes over from Damian White as 2nd XI captain.  Damian himself becomes vice-captain.  The first XI is also to have a new vice-captain in Dan Haywood, whom we welcome to the committee.  Outgoing vice-captains Sam Taylor and Matt Smith remain committee members as Website Administrator and an ex officio member, respectively.

Under advice from the Cotswold Hills League a constitutional change was approved under which the former role of Youth Representative is replaced and subsumed by the new role of Welfare Officer.  New member Mark Thomas, who is experienced in such matters, kindly offered his services and was duly elected into this new role.

As a result of these changes, the committee for 2006 is as follows:

Chairman:                       Hugh Darwen

Secretary:                       Claire Hammond

Treasurer:                       Geoff Beckett

1st XI Captain:               Andy Chesshire

1st XI Vice-captain:        Dan Haywood

2nd XI Captain:               John Freeman

2nd XI Vice-captain:       Damian White

Chief Groundsman:          Matt Parker

Fixture Secretary:            Vince Hammond

League Delegate:             Dave Dunnell

Website Administrator:    Sam Taylor

Welfare Officer:              Mark Thomas

Social Secretary:             Penny Beddow

Ex officio:                      Richard Beddow, Matt Smith, Matt Underwood


The club remains in the good financial shape mentioned in last year's report and we are hoping soon to be able to splash out on some badly needed new equipment, in particular a new shed.

Our chief sponsor, Ardencote Manor, have agreed to donate £500 again for 2006.  They are pleased with the appearance of their logo on our new cricket shirts and I would encourage all playing members who have not yet done so to acquire one of these excellent shirts.  We are grateful also to Tunnel Barn Fisheries and Marconi for their contributions.

Significant among our own fund-raising activities have been: Colin Parker Memorial Day in August 2005; the raffle at the annual dinner in September, thanks to some outstanding prizes procured from various generous donors; and a "Race Night" held at the Dorothea Mitchell Hall in January, 2006.

Special Mentions

As already mentioned, Damian White's efforts for the second eleven in 2005 are much appreciated.  Andy Chesshire's contributions on and off the field made him our undisputed clubperson of the year.  Vice-captains Sam Taylor and Matt Smith have also put in a great deal of effort.  Thanks to Sam we have an excellent web site.  Matt was instrumental in obtaining a significant sponsorship from Marconi.

The role of social secretary was taken over during the 2005 season by a triumvirate consisting of Penny Beddow, Sarah Underwood and Fay Stenning.  Thanks to the efforts of this highly motivated team, the annual dinner at Ardencote Manor was a great success, as also was Colin Parker Memorial Day at the end of August.

Thanks to the efforts of our new chief groundsman Matt Parker, the ground was in good shape for all our home games in 2005.

Individual achievements on the field of play do not normally feature in the chairman's report, but an exception has to be made this time in recognition of Neil Hall's achievement of winning all three first team prizes in his first season with us.  Added to that, he was also acclaimed the Cotswold Hills League Player of The Year.  Welcome, Neil, and please stick around!

As usual, our thanks also go to the following individuals for their continuing off-the-field contributions in 2005:

Our Tea Team leaders, Chris Chesshire and Ann Parker and all our other volunteer tea ladies.

Our treasurer, Geoff Beckett, and his auditor, John Luckett.

In Memoriam

We were deeply saddened by the death in March 2006 of Bill Rodgers, who had been suffering from cancer.  Bill was an honorary life member of this club, having given over 40 years of outstanding service—much of it quietly, behind the scenes—when he and his family left us in 1999 to take up a new life in North Devon.  As well as being an excellent all-rounder and 1st XI captain for a time, he had made a huge off-the-field contribution as chief groundsman, league representative and generally being involved in any club business that needed somebody to step forward and do a bit of work.  Added to this, his personality was such as to command the respect and affection of everybody who knew him.

Congratulations to:

Matt and Arzu Smith on the birth of Kelly in November, 2005;

Mark and Jill Thomas on the birth of Natalie in December, 2005; and

Vince and Claire Hammond on the birth of Oliver James in February, 2006.

2005 Prizes

The 2005 prizes were presented at the annual dinner at Ardencote Manor in September, 2005.  The winners were:

1st team batting:                  Neil Hall

1st team bowling:                Neil Hall

1st team fielding:                 Neil Hall

2nd team batting:                 Matt Parker

2nd team bowling:               Damian White

2nd team fielding:                 Keith Hambleton

Young Player of The Year:   Will Lawton

Clubperson of The Year:      Andy Chesshire

Hugh Darwen

10 April, 2006


Claverdon Cricket Club: Chairman's Report, 2005 

Performance in 2004

In the Cotswold Hills League, the 1st XI came 6th in the 2nd division, the 2nd XI
8th in the sixth, and thus neither team moves up or down for the 2005 season. The
First XI was captained by Andy Chesshire, now in his third stint in the post that
he last held in 2000. The seconds were captained again by Steve Lovatt, who has
since left the club in favour of one closer to home for him and his sons. He was a
great asset to our club and will be sorely missed. We wish him well.

Committee changes approved at the AGM (13th March 2005).

Social Secretary: Penny Beddow replaces Karen Parker, standing down from
the post she created for us in 1999 and in which she has given such excellent
service over the past six years. Many thanks to Karen, and to Penny for stepping
forward to take over.

2nd XI Captain: Damian White takes over from Steve Lovatt
Cotswold Hills League representative: Dave Dunnell
Website Manager: Sam Taylor

In addition we (re)created the following two posts:

Head groundsman: Matt Parker
Ex officio: John Freeman

President: Irene Young
Chairman: Hugh Darwen
Secretary: Claire Hammond
Treasurer: Geoff Beckett
Fixture secretary: Vince Hammond
Club Captain: Andy Chesshire
1st XI Vice-captain: Sam Taylor
2nd XI Vice-captain: Matt Smith
Youth representative: Sam Taylor
Ex officio: Richard Beddow, Matt Underwood, Dave Peregrine

[Auditor: John Luckett]


At the AGM treasurer Geoff Beckett reported that the club was in good financial

Once again we are grateful to Ardencote Manor for the renewal of their chief
sponsorship for the coming season. In return we have committed to various
undertakings in to promote The Ardencote, such as use of their banner at our home
ground. Progress is gradually being made on the acquisition of new cricket shirts
with Ardencote's logo that regular playing members will be encouraged to wear.

As in 2004, we have obtained from contributions from other sponsors too. Notable
among these is Marconi, who have donated £300, thanks to the good auspices of
Matt Smith.

Ground and Equipment

The ground will be maintained by club members in 2005. We are grateful for all
the work done by Andy Southerton during his stint as our professional
groundsman and for the help and advice he has given us since his departure from
that position at the end of last season.

Special Mentions

Sam Taylor is a deserved winner of our Clubperson of The Year award. We are
most grateful for his all-round contribution and in particular for his work in
coaching our young players. Sam has also recently done a great job of reestablishing
the club's web site.

Congratulations to Vince and Claire on the birth of their daughter in June, 2004,
and for honouring our game with their choice of name for her. Grace
—a name to conjure with!

As usual, our thanks also go to the following individuals for their continuing offthe-
field contributions in 2004:

Our Tea Team leaders, Chris Chesshire and Ann Parker and all our other
volunteer tea ladies.

Our treasurer, Geoff Beckett, and his auditor, John Luckett.

Annual Dinner and Prize-giving

After last year's annual dinner the committee felt that this event would be better
held immediately after the end of the playing season rather than immediately
before the beginning of it. Consultation with members and guests confirmed this
view, and so this year's dinner will be held in early September at Ardencote Manor
as usual. The 2005 prize-giving ceremony will take place at the dinner.

2004 Prizes

The 2004 prizes were presented at a special meeting held at The Crown on Sunday,
24th April, 2005. The winners were:

Clubperson of The Year:     Sam Taylor
1st team batting:                  Arthur Payne
1st team bowling:                Tony Andrews
1st team fielding:                 Dan Haywood
2nd team batting:                 Dave Dunnell
2nd team bowling:               Steve Lovatt
2nd team fielding:                Matt Smith
Young Player of the Year:   Arka Das

Hugh Darwen
5th June, 2005