Claverdon Cricket Club


Tony 'Wildman' Andrews
Role: 1st XI Vice Captain

The Wildman has amazed all that have seen him; in that how can someone who know so little about what he is doing be so good. Lulls batsmen into a false sense of security with his winding, mincing run-up, before slinging it down (literally) at a rate of knots. Winner of BOTY (bowler of the year 2004) for a fantastic run of performances throughout the season. What would a summer saturday afternoon be without a brummie cry of "bowl at the poles Tone!!" Famed throughout Redditch for his modesty and his fathering/stud capabilities.

Geoff 'Scoops' Beckett

The Money man; keeper of Clav's finances (god help us!). Played with WG Grace. Unfairly targetted, according  to the man, by Clav's young bloods for his wisdom, experience and magic cricket boots. Only Second team player to have both Batting and Fielding boots. Is widely regarded as the new Jonty Rhodes and his batting is expected to flourish this year (and indeed every year) from a scratchy start. Much decorated: OBE, VC, ASBO and Tufty Club among many honours. Often to be found amongst  Royalty-Kings Arms, Kings Head. Generally regarded as a top bloke although not to his face.

Richard 'Bugsy' Beddow
Role: Club Treasurer

Bugsy always makes a huge contribution to Claverdon CC, whether in his stand and deliver aproach to batting, wholehearted comsumption of tea, reliability in the field or continued efforts post-match in The Crown. Last man to lead Clav seconds to league glory in the Tapster.

Andy 'Shop' Bostock

A Claverdon Institution - Shop is a provider of cricket skill and prowess, sheer entertainment and a vast quantity of porn. Seriously though, this guy has never let Claverdon down, a regular fixture as number 11 and specialist fielder in the firsts for a number of years.

Andy 'Chessh' Chesshire

Mr Motivator - Club Captain - Team Bus Driver. Right-arm paceman whose long run-up spread panic throughout the tapster league (with over rates this slow, will we ever get to the pub??) Now a far more experienced campigner, very capable batsman, a ton in '95' v Catney and excellent fielder. Mainly though, an inspirational leader, great captain and the biggest reason for Clav's recent renaissance. All round top bloke. 

Rob 'Yuppie' Cook

A new addition for the 2005 season and former Sunday adversary, Yuppie has settled well into the polite, refined environment of the Clav First team. Taken on the gloves too, always brave with the malfunctioning radars of most bowlers at the rec. Prone to the odd outburst or shocking admission "I've got a small c**k!!" One of the boys.

Hugh Darwen


Dave 'D,Duck,Grey Lightnin' Dunnell

Forceful left hand bat and right arm trundler. Clav's answer to Charlie Dimmock, at least Chest wise. Has been known to miss the odd ball in the field despite the advice of his fellow Saga member, Beckett. Dangerous when allowed out for the night & prone to some spectacularly bad shirts. An educated man who has a rich and varied vocabularly which he reserves for some terse criticism of his team mates. Assumed to be close to the Skipper and/or is blackmailing the latter, given his repeated selection. Not above grabbing the ball and bowling an over without the skipper realising.

Mark 'Missy' Elliott

Dark horse. Dark history. Managed to play for Clav some 4 years ago before mysteriously disappearing. over those 4 years. Very clearly a class act with bat and ball- possessor of a genuine cover drive (unheard of in the Twos history). Very dodgy knee although there's something of the Gordon Greenidge about Mark.

John 'The Judge/Test Match' Freeman

Senior clubman, Second Team wordsmith, fine purveyor of the art of leg spin. Watched Pretty Woman on the flight out to Oz, and returned home a compulsive Hooker. Stylish batsman, but not averse to the odd agricultural hoik to cow corner. Not to be entrusted with the scorebook at any cost, particularly when on the lash with his mate the Loverman.

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